Why We're Different

There are other plant stands on the market. But the Koopmans Garden Torchier is unique:

It won't fall, lean, break, or bend.

The Koopmans Garden Torchier is made in the U.S.A. of solid steel components joined with continuous weld, with a durable polyester powder coat finish and a one-of-a-kind Quadri-Stab Base. In other words, it's built to last a lifetime and it won't lean or fall over, no matter where it's placed.

When you put it in your hand and see how well-built and sturdy it is, you'll agree it's the best product available. But there's no risk. If you don't like it for any reason, we'll take it back and reimburse the purchase price and initial shipping — no questions asked. That's our 30-Day No-Quibble Guarantee. We also back the product with a 10-Year Warranty.

One of our customers told us he's been all over, to the gardening shops and home improvement stores, and has never seen anything like the Koopmans Garden Torchier. Some of our loyal fans bought their Torchier decades ago and are still enjoying the beauty it brings to their garden. Unless you run over it with your car, it will last for generations!

It works in all soil conditions and year-round.

The Koopmans Garden Torchier was invented by an experienced gardener and is sold by experienced gardeners. We know how difficult it is to garden if you have poor soil conditions, such as hard clay. In some regions, you need a pick-axe to get the soil ready to plant flowers.

Not so with the Torchier. You can install it easily and have great color in your garden instantly. In the winter, try it with evergreen boughs or bird seed. It's so stable it won't lean, even in regions where the soil becomes saturated during the spring snow melt.

Click here for more information on how the Torchier works. It's not only the sturdiest and most stable option on the market, but the most versatile.

It's a better value than the competition.

We call the Koopmans Garden Torchier the Cadillac of plant stands. Yes, you may have to pay a few dollars more than for some of the other products you've seen. But the Torchier is the best quality and the best value of any similar stand. It will last forever, unlike those flimsy versions you need to replace every year.

Not only that, but if you have to spend thousands of dollars amending your soil to the point where you can plant, the Torchier is a less expensive option for adding color to your landscape. Just put it in the ground and you're ready to go. Buying online adds value, too. No driving around trying to find a good plant stand. Simply purchase the Torchier on our website. With our 30-Day No-Quibble Guarantee, there's absolutely no risk.

You'll see your plants, not the stand.

Unlike some garden stands, the Koopmans Garden Torchier has a purposely minimalist design. It was created with the idea that you're supposed to see the flowers, not the stand.

With the Torchier, you can easily complement your existing landscaping with bursts of bright color. Adding elevated container plants gives your garden an additional dimension and vertical interest that makes it stand out from your neighbors'.

Take a look at the Photo Gallery and you will see how beautiful your garden can be with the addition of the Koopmans Garden Torchier.