How the Garden Torchier Works

The secret to the strength and stability of the Koopmans Garden Torchier is the 5/8” solid steel center stem which will not bend under any load placed on the Torchier in normal use. (If you can lift the pot — the Torchier will support it.) Secondly, the center stem dives 12” deep into the ground — we have seen no other plant stand on the market that does this. We then add three horizontal and vertical stabilizers to that center stem providing a base (Quadri-Stab), that once placed in the ground, does not move.

All of our welds are continuous — that is they encircle the junction of the pieces being joined. The welds are then ground to provide a uniform look and remove weld impurities which would weaken the powder coat bond. This adds to the “total“ strength of the Torchier.

The Pot Table & Centering Pin sit completely on top of the 5/8“ center stem and are welded from the bottom. As a result, the table will not fail due to the effects of rust over a period of years. The proof — we personally have Torchiers that have been outside year-round for more than twenty years.

Once you have installed your Tochier, all you need is a symmetrical pot with at least a 3/8” hole in the dead center of its bottom.


How to install the Koopmans Garden Torchier

Step 1
Decide where you want to place the Torchier. Loosen and remove the soil in this location, creating a 12- by 12-inch square or circle two or three inches deep.

Step 2
Install the Torchier so the Quadri-Stab Base is slightly below soil level. Step on the horizontal stabilizer to push the Base into the ground.

Step 3
Tamp the soil around the center stem and stabilizers, making sure the center stem is plumb. Add the removed soil and tamp again.

Step 4
Make sure the bottom of your pot has at least a 3/8-inch hole in dead center. Add one to three additional holes for proper drainage, as needed, at least 5 inches from the center of the pot (that is, outside the diameter of the Tochier's Pot Table). Some water will also drain through the center hole.

Step 5
Set the pot on the Pot Table, aligning the centering pin through the hole in the bottom of the pot. If the top of a pot is not level, simply rotate the pot until it is. Pot bottoms are not always parallel to the top rim, nor is the Torchier Pot Table perfectly flat, so you may need to place a shim under the pot.

Always be careful when installing the Koopmans Garden Torchier. It is made of solid steel, so be sure there are no underground utilities, such as electric, phone, cable, gas or water, in the vicinity before you dig or place the Quadri-Stab Base in the ground. The centering pin's conical tip has been truncated (blunted). However, use caution around the Torchier when a pot is not on the stand. During installation, the Torchiers stabilizer could bend from your weight if you hit resistance, such as a rock or hard packed soil and striking the Torchier may chip the powder coat finish.