Have you ever bought a flimsy outdoor plant stand that bent or fell over? Do your soil conditions make gardening difficult or expensive? Do you want to add color to your yard but don't have the interest or aptitude for gardening?  

The Koopmans Garden Torchier is your answer. It's the outdoor elevated plant stand with a better design and better value than any other stand on the market.  

Introducing The Koopmans Garden Torchier

The Koopmans Garden Torchier is solid and stable, long-lasting, and easy to install. The solid steel disk on the top of the center stem supports a round or square pot; it can be up to 18 inches wide and weigh over 100 pounds. The centering pin allows you to quickly and easily place the pot on the Torchier—right in the middle every time.

The Torchier is available in three heights: 12, 18 or 24 inches above the ground. The depicted 16" low bowl pot is sold separately.